Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Lurks in the Longbox? #34: Revelations #3

Revelations #3 
Here After Press
$3.99, Color, 32 pgs.
Writer: Louise Cochran-Mason
Artists: Barry Southworth, Scott Shriver

I previously reviewed Revelations in the pages of Comics Buyer's Guide Magazine #1692 back in August 2012.  Co-Creator Barry Southworth recently sent me the next issue of this fascinating series involving demons, lawyers, angels, serial killers and a secret war between good and evil. 

Just to bring new readers up to speed, here is a portion of my review from CBG #1692:

Mackenzie Rollins is a lawyer whose total lack of ethics allowed her to get the nation's most prolific serial killer acquitted.  Perhaps it's just the next logical step when she discovers she is part demon, and then receives a set of retractable spikes (which often pop out during the most inopportune times).

Mackenzie soon discovers she is a member of an inhuman race called the Andrahon, which are involved in a war between Heaven and Hell.  Her quest for answers leads back to the serial killer with whom she senses a connnection with.  In the meantime, Mackenzie also has to deal with a clandestine group called The Third Sphere Assembly.  They have an interest in her, and the unique venom that comes from her spikes.  While fatal to humans, they are absolutely irresistible to demons.

The third chapter of "M Theory" takes the storyline further and makes note of the fact that just because Mackenzie Rollins is the main character, doesn't automatically make her one of the good guys.  After reading this issue, the realization suddenly hit that there really isn't anyone in this book that would fit the definition of a hero, which makes the series even more interesting.  Even the detectives assigned to investigate the connection between Rollins and serial killer Arnold Langford are not the most well adjusted people, as evidenced by the last couple pages of this issue.

Writer Louise Cochran-Mason begins to flesh out Arnold Langford in a little more detail, and provides more information on the origins and motivations of the Andrahon.  As the relationship continues to develop between Rollins and Langford, it's up to readers to interpret whether Mackenzie's interest is personal, or just a method of obtaining more information about the creature she is gradually transforming into. 

Additional details will also be revealed, such as how a 15th century poet is connected to the Andrahon, and readers will start to get a sense of just how far back the existence of these creatures actually goes.  

Where Mackenzie Rollins' twisted journey takes her next is anyone's guess, but it promises to be an interesting one.  As always, Mackenzie's agenda is known to no one...but herself.