Friday, July 6, 2012

What Lurks in the Longbox? #22

From Comics Buyer's Guide #1692:
Inner Sanctum 

NBM Publishing
$16.99, b&w, 115 pgs. 
Writer and Artist: Ernie Colon
Legendary artist Ernie Colon presents a collection of tales based on the classic radio show Inner Sanctum.  Although there were many different “scary” shows broadcast during the golden age of radio such as Suspense and Lights Out, Inner Sanctum stood out for both its morbid host Raymond Johnson, as well as its trademark “creaky door” sound effect that many fans still remember today.    

This collection perfectly bridges the gap between graphic novels and old time radio, and fans of both genres will equally appreciate Colon’s style of storytelling.  Each story has the same twists and turns as the radio show, and Colon’s incredible black and white art only enhances the experience. 

An example would be the tale of “The Undead,” in which a woman’s extreme nightmares are followed by the discovery that the man she loves was reported dead almost a decade earlier. 

Readers will experience the same sense of dread that a listener might have felt while sitting around their Firestone Air Chief radio in 1948.  This treasure trove of stories is one of Colon’s best works yet.  4 Stars.  
Reviewed by Christopher Galvan in Comics Buyer's Guide #1692

ISBN #978-1-56163-614-3

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