Saturday, December 17, 2011


From Comics Buyer's Guide #1685:

For those of you still trying to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts, here are five holiday gift suggestions for the comic book fan on your list!

1) The Adventures of Tintin Young Readers Edition: I started reading Tintin over 30 years ago with monthly installments in Children’s Digest. These inexpensive volumes (under $10) are a great way to introduce Tintin to a new generation of readers.

2) Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things: Couldn’t all of us learn something from this book? As the description reads, “Stuff answers the question of what happens when our stuff starts to own us.”

3) Super Dinosaur Volume 1 (Trade Paperback), by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard. For anyone who enjoys shows like Ben 10 or Generator Rex, this series is just pure fun, and is begging to be made into a show on Cartoon Network.

4) Too Cool to be Forgotten, by Alex Robinson. When Andy’s quest to stop smoking results in him being transported back to 1985, a middle-age man gets a second chance to change the decisions made by his teenage self. However, he must decide if altering those decisions will actually make things worse. It’s Back to the Future done in a much more realistic manner.

5) The Complete Peanuts (Any Volume). The significance of this project cannot be overstated. Fantagraphics releases two volumes of these hardcovers each year, with each volume covering about two years of strips. With hundreds of never before reprinted strips and wonderful introductions from people like Lynn Johnston and Walter Cronkite, this collection is meant to be enjoyed and passed on to future generations. The publisher also offers the option of purchasing both volumes together (for any given year) in a nice collector’s slipcase.

Good luck with those last minute purchases, and please...leave the pepper spray at home. 

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  1. There were a lot of good all-ages reads this year. Oni's Salt Water Taffy, Arcana's Howard Lovecraft, and the Indie book Stargazer (by Von Allan) were all great!