Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Lurks in the Longbox? #16

Omega Paradox #0
Moonstone Comics
Writer: Ian Ng; 
Artists: Mark Sparacio, Abe Melendez Rivera 
Mark Sparacio released this “zero” issue as a preview of his first creator-owned series.  As a science fiction story, it starts out in an unusual setting:  a university library located on an alien planet.  The story begins with a team of five people being ambushed by a gang of aliens, followed by the revelation that one of their allies is not who he claims to be.

The team is led by a mysterious character called “The Master,” although one member refers to him as “Father.”  Although he may remind readers of The X-Men’s Charles Xavier, this leader takes a no-nonsense approach to ending dissension within the ranks, as evidenced by the last couple pages of the issue.
There is plenty of action to compel readers to check out the new series (the first issue should be available in your local comic shop now!), which will focus on the team’s search for “a man who may hold the key to keeping the universe together,” according to the book’s Facebook page. 
Fans of Sparacio’s cover artwork will be very pleased with his interior art, and Rivera’s vibrant colors further enhance the book.   

For more information on Omega Paradox, please check out my interview with Mark Sparacio in the pages of Comics Buyer's Guide #1685, which should still be available at some comic shops!  If you missed that issue, you can also check out the online version of the article, which can be found on the CBG website at the following link:  http://cbgxtra.com/comics-news-and-notes/the-genesis-of-omega-paradox

I'll have a follow-up review of the first issue soon.  Stay tuned!


  1. Hey Chris, thanks for reviewing OMEGA PARADOX #0! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to let your readers know about us and our book. OMEGA PARADOX #1 is out and Chris, your copy will be in the mail tomorrow!
    If any of your readers want to contact me directly to comment about OMEGA PARADOX, please don't hesitate, on Facebook where we have an OMEGA PARADOX page which will give you updates, sneak peeks of upcoming artwork and info on the OMEGA PARADOX World Tour 2012.
    Just use this link:

  2. Thanks, Mark! I'll be sure to include a mention of the Omega Paradox FB page when I do my review. Your entire team does such a GREAT job of interacting with the fans on the Facebook page, and creating interest in the series. Your marketing skills should be used as an example by other indy creators on how to create excitement for their comics!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the first issue! Thanks again!!